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OSOULE.com is a newly invented informative digital platform for real-estate. We have a new philosophy that combines elegance, dynamic, and up-to-date features that help all stakeholders. Based on solid and long experience serving our customers, OSOULE.com provides a state-of-the-art platform that is technologically sophisticated, yet is extremely user-friendly. Our platform introduces a new horizon of personalization and customizable features. All that, and many more, bring innovative and amazing customer experience.

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Lighthouse properties providing free real estate service and advice with different angles in real estate market through professional consultants about purchasing or selling properties. If it was a residence to live in or are looking to invest in a property for profit. We include all the offer in the real estate market, whether it is residential, coastal, commercial or administrative In the following areas : - New Capital - El Galala & El Sokhna - North Coast & New Alameen - New Cairo - 6th october & Zayed - El Maadi & El Mokattam - EL Shorouk & El Obour - Alexandria - New Mansoura ____ We help you choose the most suitable property for your needs, whether it is housing or investment. We make a neutral comparison to choose between all projects in the Egyptian real estate market through professional consultants. #Lighthouse properties #Your guideline for your best opportuinity

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