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ارتفاع الدولار عالميا

رئيس جهاز القاهرة الجديدة: غلق وتشميع وقطع المرافق لمخالفات تغيير النشاط بعدة مناطق

وزير الإسكان يتابع الموقف التنفيذي للمشروعات السكنية والخدمية بمدينة العاشر من رمضان

أسعار العملات اليوم

أسعار الذهب اليوم

أسعار مواد البناء اليوم

وزير الإسكان يستعرض جهود الدولة المصرية في القضاء على المناطق غير الآمنة

السيسي يصل إلى مدينة 6 أكتوبر لافتتاح مشروعات إسكان بديل للمناطق غير الآمنة

Buy 22.50 million LE Selling

Villa in Al-Rehab Hills On the main street

Cairo, Rehab City
  • 600 m²
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms


Villa in Al Rehab Hills On the main street Rehab Hills New Cairo For sale Stand alone Villa * Villa in Al Rehab Hills * * On the main street of the hills * * The highest hill in the hills and the location of Rehab - very special and the best view of the front facade and the sweetest view of the back facade - nautical Model Q .. . The land area is 1290 meters. . Building area 600 meters .. . Net Garden 1050 meters .. . Swimming pool 11 meters per meter (55 meters) other than machine rooms semi-finished - (licensed) The walls of the villa * License for basement 150 meters * * Indoor elevator license * * 25% license ؜ Increase in roof * * Wooden room license for the guard * * Paid a maintenance deposit of 500,000 and there is a balance of 100,000 for the villa in the device * * All permits and permits are valid. * * 22.5 million required * And the rest * 2800,000 installments with the company over 4,5 years * New Avenue is a real estate consultancy based in Egypt, aiming at providing comprehensive services for your real estate needs. If you are willing to make an investment or are interested in buying a residential or a commercial property, we are there for you to ensure transforming your plans into reality Given our individual experiences in the top real estate companies in Egypt & abroad, we have reached the conclusion that trust is primary factor we should be offering you when it comes to buying, renting or submitting your property New Avenue is aiming to provide our customer with almost all the needs that you would need Residential or Commercial. New Avenue offers offices and Retails that are available in almost every district in Egypt like New Cairo, Heliopolis, Nasr City, 6th of October.

Property Details

  • Bedrooms : 6
  • Bathrooms : 4
  • Type : Villa
  • Area : 600 m²