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رئيس الجهاز: غلق وتشميع محال تجارية مخالفة بحملة جديدة بمدينة السادات

وزير التنمية المحلية: المجمعات الحكومية تعكس رؤية القيادة السياسية للجمهورية الجديدة

رئيس "جهاز العاشر من رمضان": بيع 14 محلاً تجاريا وصيدلية بالمزاد العلني

وزير الإسكان: حجم الاستثمارات بغرب قنا الجديدة تجاوز الـ3 مليارات جنيه

لمدة 20 دقيقة.. الشمس تتعامد على تمثال رمسيس الثانى بمعبد أبوسمبل بأسوان

أسعار العملات اليوم الجمعة 22 أكتوبر 2021 من "أصول.كوم"

أسعار الذهب اليوم الجمعة 22 أكتوبر 2021 من "أصول.كوم"

نشرة أسعار مواد البناء اليوم الجمعة 22 أكتوبر 2021

رئيس «Just Development»: إجراءات الدولة تنظم السوق وتحافظ على الثروة العقارية

بنك مصر يشارك في الطرح العام لشركة إي فاينانس ببيع 15% من حصته

Buy 2.00 million LE Selling

Own Your Finished Chalet With A/Cs - Amazing View

  • 120 m²
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms


Own your chalet finished with A/Cs with Wonderful view at an Amazing price in Mountain View Ain Sokhna. - Area: 120 m. - 2nd floor with roof. - 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + reception + kitchen + terrace. - Finished with A/Cs . - Amazing View . - Price: 2,000,000 - Payment Plan : cash. - Contact Us : Details about Mountain View Sokhna The project is distinguished by its location very close to the capital, which allows for a quick vacation outside of space and time. Ain Sokhna is one of the most beautiful Egyptian cities, as it has a direct view of the Red Sea, as it is located 55 km from the city of Suez, The project Location One hour away from Cairo, Mountain View Sokhna Compound is located at 111 km Suez-Zaafarana Road, near Mountain View Sokhna 1 and many attractions and tourist areas in Ain Sokhna and 33 km from Porto Sokhna. Features and services of Mountain View Sokhna Resort The compound has a private beach that is fully equipped with all services and high-quality facilities to provide comfort and enjoyment for guests A huge commercial market and international restaurants to suit all tastes, as well as cafes and nightclubs An integrated health club, spa and gyms equipped to the highest standard Recreational areas open for children, as well as swimming pools and an Aqua Park 24-hour security services, which maintains the privacy and stability of the vacationers The compound includes many concerts and huge international entertainment events Ladies' beach and indoor and outdoor swimming pools Medical services are available inside the compound Rooms and chalets of various sizes and equipment, all overlooking the Red Sea, which distinguishes the compound in terms of design and general planning The buildings' colors and designs are predominantly Western, with authentic Arab oriental touches Special services inside and outside the compound for mobility and movement Reception and cleaning services at the highest level Beauty salon and special services

Property Details

  • Bedrooms : 2
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Type : Chalet
  • Area : 120 m²