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Buy 2.90 million LE Selling

Ground chalet pool view down payment 1,200,000 EGP

  • 132 m²
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms


Chalet Ground 132 meters Garden 177 meters 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms downpayment 1,200,000 Installments of 1,705,000 until 2026 -------------- project location It is only 3 hours from Cairo. 200 km from Alexandria. 90 km from Marina Village. 50 km from Alamein Airport. 15 km from Ras El Hikma. =========== Major Services Within Mountain View Sahel It has its soft white sand and clear blue water of approximately 800 meters on the Mediterranean Sea, it features all the various water activities and allows you to swim safely. A beach dedicated to women to enjoy the sea in a very private atmosphere, equipped with the highest quality, and with all the services. It has a huge area dedicated to restaurants and cafes with the most famous local names. A huge commercial area with a lot of shops with different names and brands, and has a large private space for kids for entertainment. An integrated medical center fully equipped at the highest levels. A huge nature park and stunning scenery to spend the best of times in peace and relaxation with family and friends. The resort has a huge parking garage. A kids' entertainment area on a huge area, with lots of games and activities that develop children's intelligence while providing fun and security while playing. Many innovative swimming pools with distinctive sizes and shapes distributed throughout the village. Crystal Lagoons was created on an area of 40,000 square meters to provide a magnificent and distinctive view of the resort. A social club suitable for family and friends equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi. A unique gym with the latest and best sports equipment and sports devices.

Property Details

  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Type : Chalet
  • Area : 132 m²