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وزير الإسكان يتابع الموقف التنفيذي للمشروعات السكنية والخدمية بمدينة العاشر من رمضان

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وزير الإسكان يستعرض جهود الدولة المصرية في القضاء على المناطق غير الآمنة

السيسي يصل إلى مدينة 6 أكتوبر لافتتاح مشروعات إسكان بديل للمناطق غير الآمنة

Buy 15.34 million LE Selling

For Sale Twin House 311 meter Swan lake Residence

New Cairo, The 1st Settlement
  • 311 m²
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms


Project Name: Swan Lake Residence. Twin House: 311 Bua The land area is 325 Swan Lake Residence location: in the first settlement near Al-Yasmine and Al-Banafseg neighborhood. About the project: An elegant compound from Hassan Allam Group. Swan Lake Residence New Cairo Hassan Allam Area: 107 acres. Units' types: villas - townhouses - twin houses Now in the first gathering for luxury lovers, this compound is not just an ordinary residential project, but a place where you will find all the services and entertainment you need, a pure life far from pollution, noise and crowding, a place that carries all the standards of high-end life in a privileged location close to all vital areas and different units commensurate With all desires, and here is everything related to this promising project, which is a landmark in New Cairo through the following lines. The most important thing that distinguishes Swan Lake is that it is one of the projects located in one of the distinguished locations, which made it easily accessible from many different roads. The compound is located at the intersection of Cairo and Suez Road near: Ring road. The first settlement Mirage City. New Cairo. JW Marriott Hotel. On the northern side of Egypt Petroleum.

Property Details

  • Bedrooms : 4
  • Bathrooms : 4
  • Type : Twin House
  • Area : 311 m²