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Buy 2.71 million LE Building

Apartment garden for sale 210m In The Icon

  • 210 m²
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms


Project Description:

The Icon Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement, is a stylishly designed mini compound in the modern architectural style, and attention has been given to providing the greatest amount of luxury to all customers in the compound through services and features. Within it, there are green spaces, water bodies, and several recreational services for a healthy life away from the crowds and pollution of cities and in terms of geographical location, tranquility, comfort, relaxation, privacy and security. In this wonderful compound, you will find the wonderful view of the most beautiful scenic landscapes, and the privileged location in the best locations of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo:



Style Home Real Estate Investment designed The Icon Residence Compound project to provide all integrated services to its clients and those wishing to book the project to achieve the highest standards of luxury, privacy, safety and confidentiality, and all public services needed by the client are available in the compound. The compound provides a private garage for cars under each residential unit, monitored by cameras to provide security throughout the day The compound provides surveillance cameras and a security and guarding device for the compound There is a shopping center with all appliances, materials and household necessities There are shopping malls with shops for all brands There are large cafes and restaurants in the compound The compound provides special places for parties, events and birthdays Cinema and entertainment venues Medical and treatment center and private clinics Ambulances All-day pharmacies Walking and running paths Cycling spots Health and fitness center, gym and spa Sports fields houses of worship

 Payment systems:

 5% down payment and installments over 5 years. 10% down payment and installments over 6 years. 20% down payment and installments over 7 years. 25% down payment and installments over 8 years A 20% value is deducted from the unit price if the value is paid in cash, and the units will be delivered no later than 2021



Property Details

  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • Type : Apartment
  • Area : 210 m²

  • Project Name : The Icon