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Buy 13.50 million LE Selling

4 sale in Marassi Victoria Vlla 650m- North Coast

  • 650 m²
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms


Own your Furnished Standalone in Marassi Victoria
4 sale in Marassi Victoria Vlla 650m- North Coast
Project: Marassi (victoria)
Location : North Coast

Developer: Emaar Misr

Type : Standalone Villa
Finishing : Fully Finished & Furnished

Layout :
Land Area : 650m Sq.m
Bua : 498 Sq.m

Consists Of :
5 bedrooms
6 Bathrooms

Price : 13.500.000


Vectoria remains true to the Marassi values, sculpting an image of Spanish and Italian architecture and breathtaking views as it passes through the signature golf course to the nearby Beach Clubhouse and the deep, blue Mediterranean Sea. The redbrick roofs and grand doorways tell an inspirational story of their own; a story that isn’t complete without a turn of a key that turns this house into your home.

Marassi is characterized by its dazzling views of the clear Mediterranean waters and its privileged location on the beach of El Alamein. Spain and Italy.
Marassi is located 125 kilometers from the vibrant and lively city of Alexandria, and no more than a few kilometers from El Alamein. In the future, Marassi will become the main gateway to Egypt across the Mediterranean, and its global fame will send tourist invitations to all parts of the world.

Marassi overlooks the magical turquoise waters and is ideally located along the coast of El Alamein, and houses a mysterious getaway with neighborhoods inspired by six different Mediterranean lifestyles including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Spain and Italy. One hundred and twenty-five kilometers from Alexandria chanting, and only a few kilometers from El Alamein, the Marinas are the next gateway to Egypt

Property Details

  • Bedrooms : 6
  • Bathrooms : 5
  • Type : Villa
  • Area : 650 m²