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The Pier Mall in the New Capital.


Project Description:

When planning for Pair Mall, the developer of the project decided to make it the first administrative, commercial and entertainment center in the residential district R3. The mall covers an area of ​​3,044 square meters and will serve more than 100,000 people. Pierre Shopping Center includes commercial units, administrative offices and medical clinics. All these products are semi-finished, different spaces are provided at the best prices and suitable payment plan as per the needs of the customers.


Developer Description:

Dolmen Real Estate Development is the owner of the project and it is one of the leading companies that offer the highest level of quality at the best price. The company announced its possession of a distinctive land in the third residential area in the New Administrative Capital, with an investment value of one billion pounds. According to the company's chairman, Abdel Azim Khalil (Abdul Azim Khalil), the shopping center project is the company's first work in the New Administrative Capital.



The comprehensive services provided by the Pair  Mall project are as follows: -

a comprehensive entertainment area

 A children's area

 A large private garage

 24/7 surveillance and security cameras

 International restaurants and cafes

Central air conditioning

 Electronic doors

 Water, electricity and internet services

 Elevators and escalators



Repair service



The Pair Shopping Center project is located in one of the best strategic locations in the new capital, in the R3 area, close to the government residential area. The shopping center is also close to Canadian universities, international European universities, and the tallest skyscrapers on the African continent. On the other hand, Marina Mall is located near the most important main hubs, such as the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and the Central Ring Road. This important location allows easy access to residents, clients and employees, and puts your management projects in the best position.



The available spaces in Pierre Mall are as follows: - Shops with an area of ​​23 to 79 square meters - Administrative offices with an area of ​​31 to 101 square meters - Clinics with an area of ​​22 to 45 square meters.


Payment facilities:

Unit prices in The Pier Mall vary from time to time due to the changes that occur in the real estate market on an ongoing basis. The unit price depends on its type, size, and finish as well. The units are delivered in its final form after 3 years of contracting, and you can get your unit by paying: - Pay 10% of the total unit price as an advance payment and the rest in equal installments over 6 years - Pay 20% of the total unit price as a down payment and the rest in installments equal over 8 years.




Project Details

  • Payment Facilities : Yes
  • Down Payment : 10%
  • Receiving Date : Two Years
  • Installment : 6 Years