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Mountain View 3


Project Description:

“Mountain View 3” is a complete residential project in the most prominent areas of New Cairo, and it not only includes residential units that vary from townhouses to villas, but also embraces a very large natural area with 85% of the project’s remaining area, meaning that the residential buildings amount to 15% Only from the project space.
The owner company "Mountain View 3" provides basic facilities and important and distinctive services for all types of units, so that the residence in the compound makes you comfortable; Therefore, the type of your residential unit, whether it is a townhouse or a villa, has everything you need and more, and the compound is close to the most important modern projects in Egypt.


Developer Description:

The one who built the “Mountain View Hyde Park” project is the Mountain View Investment Company, and it is considered one of the greatest and largest real estate development companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is one of the distinguished companies in the area of ​​real estate development. With experts and specialists in all fields.

The previous work of the company: - During the past years managed the company show us a lot of work and the great effort of high new communities and come up with residential models of modern luxury is worth mentioning that the company "Mountain View" Real Estate offered to all customers in Egypt, several very large projects, and this way The giant projects were able to gain the trust of their customers, and the most important of these projects are:

  • Mountain View 1
  • Mountain View 2
  • Mountain View Hyde Park
  • Mountain View October Park
  • Mountain View iCity New Cairo
  • Mountain View Chill Out Park
  • Mountain View Executive Residence
  • Mountain View Sokhna 1
  • Mountain View Sokhna 2
  • Mountain View iCity October
  • Mountain View Giza Plateau
  • Mountain View North Coast



  • Green spaces and large gardens occupy 85% of the project area.
  • The presence of security and guard 24 hours.
  • Availability of all recreational and sports clubs.
  • There is a walkway for jogging and cycling.
  • The compound also has halls for businessmen to attend conferences and receive guests and investors in a classy and quiet environment, with special places for smokers.


Mountain View distinguished itself in choosing its wonderful location for the construction of this project in New Cairo, which is close to the American University and the Ring Road. In addition, the Fifth Settlement includes financial and administrative centers and commercial activities that serve the city, and it is one of the fastest areas in terms of the rate of construction in Egypt and is characterized by its villas, palaces, and its urban diversity between Roman, Islamic, Pharaonic and modern.



The project is divided into 3 different parts of residential units, namely: townhouses - twin houses - standalone villas.
And their space varies in the project to satisfy all needs and diverse tastes, and it starts from 220 square meters to 240 square meters for townhouses, and starts in villas with an area of ​​245 square meters and reaches 425 square meters.


Payment facilities:

The company has provided an easy and simple system to facilitate customers, so you can pay 30% down payment and installments, the rest of the amount over 8 years.



Project Details

  • Payment Facilities : Yes
  • Down Payment : 30%
  • Receiving Date : Six Months
  • Installment : 8 Years