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Moon Gardens


Project Description:

Attention to housing comes as one of the most important priorities that people need to provide a decent life for the family. In choosing the preferred housing patterns for customers, it is always taken into account that they are characterized by the location and the external road network. surrounding the location of the housing unit, as well as the optimal use of the internal spaces of the units to provide all the daily living requirements, as well as complete privacy in See the units and the distinctive view of each unit. And here comes the Moon Gardens project to achieve the distinctive location, the unique view, and the optimal use of the residential spaces. Distinguished for Moon City to be one of the distinctive marks in the extension of Heliopolis.

Developed company:

Our story Al-Aseeb group of companies has a history spanning more than twenty years in the advisory, executive and marketing experience in the field of real estate investment, whose achievements are spread on the land of Egypt and abroad. The achievements of the group of companies continue, as it has partnered in the implementation and marketing of a number of giant projects in the field of luxury housing, which is represented in (Remas City) in the Fifth Settlement with Al-Jazira Company for Real Estate Investments and Project Management, as well as in medium housing projects in the National Housing District in the Sixth of October City Where the group of companies has partnered in three projects in that area, with the Egyptian Saudi Real Estate Investment Company in the (Raya City) project, the Maadi Company for Investment and Real Estate Development in the (Roya City) project, and last but not least the Cordoba Investment and Real Estate Marketing Company in the (Cordoba City) project. . The company owns a fleet of equipment that works in the hands of the most skilled engineers and technicians who adhere to accurate delivery dates and high quality with international standard specifications, and the group provides facilities to its customers.


Moon Gardens Compound is located in the heart of Cairo, specifically on the first Cairo-Ismailia Road, 10 minutes from Cairo Airport, 15 minutes from Nasr City and the Fifth Settlement, and 5 minutes from the most important new axes (The Ring Road - Saad El Din El Shazly Axis - Joseph Tito Axis - Belbeis Road) And along the New Nozha and the Suez Bridge, which makes it close to Nasr City, Heliopolis, the Airport Road, the New Nozha, from the Ring Road to Mohandessin, Maadi, and the Sixth of October, and a few minutes to Obour, We also took into account in choosing the project site its proximity to entertainment and service places such as (Giro). Land - Aqua Park - Carrefour El-Obour - El-Obour Golf Club - Wadi Degla Club, Sheraton Branch) as well as schools such as (Nefertari - Nozha Languages ​​- Memphis Schools - Al-Resala).


Moon Gardens buildings are designed and equipped with higher ceilings to spacious spaces and give greater potential to decorators.

Moon Gardens buildings are designed and equipped with spacious windows openings to give unit dwellers the most beautiful scenes on gardens designed to accommodate all requests (expected and unexpected).

The entire Moon Gardens buildings contain (special garages - a spacious entrance equipped for reception - 2 prisoners of garage - intercom) and the ground floor is high, giving more comfort and privacy.

When you live in Moon Gardens, you get me.

Security system and its guards.

Automatic gates.

Maintenance for all public areas of the road and the andscape

Lighting - Networks

Internet - TV transmission or premium satellite networks

Project Services

Artificial lakes

Sports areas - Track for running and walking - Track for the calf

60% of the greenery, lakes and indoor roads.

Fields and fountains between buildings.


Integrated commercial mall (Internet- office- health club - coffee shop - luxury restaurant - billiards - ballroom - nursery).

2 elevators per building.

Entrances and stairs are natural marble.

Water tanks for each building and moisture insulation for surface heat.

Internal garage for every building.

Payment systems:

17% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.



Project Details

  • Payment Facilities : Yes
  • Down Payment : 17%
  • Receiving Date : Five Years
  • Installment : 5 Years