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خالد صبري هولدنج: حققنا 35% مبيعات في 10 أيام لـ RYAN Tower بالعاصمة الإدارية

شركة "IC group" لـ "أصول.كوم": نبيع الوحدة للعميل بنظام يمكنه من الحصول على قيمتها خلال 3 سنوات


31 North


Project Description:

31 North - Thirty-One North:

With a panoramic view of the Green River and a 36-floor height, Nile Real Estate presents the 31N New Capital project in the new administrative capital. Nile Real Estate offers several advantages in terms of location and payment methods that suit everyone


This is in partnership with Orascom, and the festival tower was designed by the largest consultants in the Middle East


With investments exceeding EGP 5 billion, Nile Real Estate Company continues its journey of success and the establishment of the largest real estate projects. The company is one of the most important companies in the real estate sector in Egypt and offers the Festival Tower project with a height of 131 meters

This project is part of supporting the state's efforts in establishing huge projects to attract more investments and attract tourism to the Administrative Capital

Engineer / Mohamed Taher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nile Real Estate Development Company, stated that the company is happy to announce its first project in the New Administrative Capital in 2021 to support the state to get out of the Corona pandemic and pump new investments to revitalize the Egyptian economy as well as create projects that have no parallel in the local market


Also, Eng. Karim Mamoun, head of the commercial sector for Nile Real Estate Development Company, indicated that the company has a strategy that depends on introducing new ideas in the real estate market, and the company has already started implementing its first steps by establishing the Festival Tower project, to work in accordance with the directives of the state in establishing distinguished real estate projects that put Egypt On the map of global investments


For lovers of luxury, here is the Nile Tower, the largest commercial tower in the most vital areas of the Administrative Capital

The latest smart mechanical parking in the administrative capital and the latest smart building technologies

For the first time, panoramic elevators on the Green River

Also, all units have a panoramic view of the Green River

Internet services in the whole tower

Landscape and green spaces


Entertainment places for children

Rooms equipped for meetings

Restaurants area

Facilities management, plumbing service, and waste management

Round the clock disinfection and sterilization

pest control department

24/7 security and guarding service


The site of the Nile Tower is distinguished by the fact that it overlooks the Green River with a panoramic view (180°), and the tower is located on three corners:


The corner of Downtown Square

The corner of the street leading to the government district

The corner of the central park




 Shops, Office spaces & apartments 

Payment systems:

Down payment 40%


Installment plan up to 12 years



Project Details

  • Payment Facilities : Yes
  • Down Payment : 40%
  • Receiving Date : Three Years
  • Installment : 12 Years