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مكتب اداري 46متر علي افضل واجهة في العاصمه الاداريه

مكتب شركتك في قلب العاصمه الاداريه الجديده بالقسط

اميز شقة للبيع في الرحاب بالقسط

محل يصلح مطعم 24م للبيع .. سعر لقطه

امتلك شقتك 120 م في العاصمه الاداريه

شقة 130م بأرخص سعر متر في العاصمه الاداريه

مكتب شركتك 55متر علي محور الامل مباشرة

وحده سكنيه مميزه في العاصمه الاداريه

شقة للبيع المساحه 204 م  فى البنفسج عمارات

دوبلكس ‏اول ‏وثاني ‏للايجار ‏

شقه 137 متر سكنيه مميزه بالعاصمه

اميز مكتب اداري في العاصمة الادارية بالتقسيط

شقق للبيع المساحة 210 متكرر فى بيت الوطن

شقق للبيع بمساحة 230 م فى بيت الوطن

شقة باللوتس الجنوبية 120 م للبيع بالتجمع الخامس للاستلام الفوري


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Apartments For sale in Giza | Apartments For rent in Giza

Giza Governorate is one of the oldest residential governorates in Egypt, as it is one of the few in the country that still carries a little of the past between its folds, as it contains the remains of the city of Memphis, the first capital of Egypt after Narmer united the two countries. This ancient historical impact had its impact on the fame that the governorate later gained among the citizens!

Giza Governorate contains one of the most important Egyptian and international monuments, the "Three Pyramids and the Great Sphinx", which made it the focus of the world's attention since ancient times and the first destination for tourists and many expatriates. This had an impact on the real estate market in Giza governorate, as citizens increased their demand for Giza properties for sale, especially apartments for sale in Giza, and many real estate developers, in cooperation with some government agencies, directed some of their capital there to meet the needs of buyers in that governorate.


Giza Governorate is divided into a number of residential neighborhoods that vary in economic and social levels to suit different tastes and needs, from low and middle-income groups to the most elite classes in society. Below we will review together with the most popular areas in terms of the percentage of searches for ownership apartments in Giza to facilitate the search process for buyers:


Haram and Faisal are among the most famous areas in Giza Governorate, due to several reasons: their privileged location and close to the city center and 6th of October City, the low prices of apartments there compared to their counterparts in downtown areas, and their presence on one of the seven wonders of the world that the world’s residents flock to from All far and wide. All of this and more has increased the demand for homebuyers in these two areas. The prices of apartments for sale in Faisal are relatively lower than their counterparts on Haram Street, so the average price of apartments is 400,000 pounds, while the average prices of apartments for sale in the pyramids are 600,000 pounds. As noted, despite the historical and tourist importance of the two areas, this did not affect the prices of apartments in them, unlike some other areas in the governorate.


Apartments for Sale in 6 October Egypt

As for 6th of October, it is the preferred city for residents of downtown areas. Over the past years, the search has increased for apartments for sale in 6th of October and apartments for rent on 6th of October among those who want to relax away from the noise and crowding of Giza.


6th of October is one of the new self-contained cities as it includes all the necessities of life, starting from service centers, universities, and schools, to commercial and entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, and industrial areas for business. 6th of October City is divided into a number of neighborhoods and residential compounds that contain a variety of apartments to suit all tastes and budgets. It is well known that the prices of apartments for sale in 6 October are relatively average when compared to New Cairo, and they start from 400,000 pounds.



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Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed


Apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed


Sheikh Zayed City is also one of the cities that has increased in demand recently by those looking for apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed and apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed. It is one of the new cities that was established with the help of the UAE government and is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, but some consider it geographically affiliated with the 6th of October City; The average price of apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed is 700,000 pounds, and this rate increases in high-end residential complexes.