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Project Description:

The north shore is the destination of everybody in Egypt! This is an excellent area for good weather, clear sea, and quiet waves, so many immobilizers have moved to carry out numerous projects and tourist communities.
The Green Valley, which in Kilo 75 started White Sand Egypt, is one of the companies.

One of the most famous villages of the North Coast where lush and colorful trees, tranquility, and comforts overlook the most beautiful and wonderful sights from a balcony, broad streets to add confidence, a garage devoted to each property, and a garden around each property for extra luxury and comfort to all cities.

White Sand is your finest decision, do not hesitate or call before it's too late, every room is ready for use, every room and sumptuous finishing is perfect for every taste. Select your family's space to fit.
The project is distinctive and offers different location and view unit spaces.
In the complex, there is a tourist resort on a surface area of 186 acres, with a width of kilometers, and a beach of about 750 meters.

The entire area of the project is 18% and the rest 82% is split between the basic and recreational facilities, green areas, crystal lagoons, water parks, and pools.

White Sand is a coastal project that has been initiated for the first time by Green Valley developments, with a commercial complex that serves the community as well as the entire area in the project.
White Sands Village is situated on Alexandria-Matrouh Road Kilo 75 which is immediately connected to Wadi el Natrun Street, just 15 minutes from Marina Resort, Marseilia Beach 1, near Dimora.

White Sand Beach North Coast is one of the projects that symbolizes new thinking for the holiday resorts in Egypt, where its location and magnificence because the nature of the water is the principal components, are the major features of the resort.

Developer Description:

Green Valley Developments has launched its unique project, White Beach North Coast, which is a new event in modern tourist communities, and Green Valley investments in Egypt are up to 9 billion pounds.

Work is carried out in healthy and ecologically friendly communities and with high level and worldwide specifications, to provide residential, tourism, business, and investment options safely. Green Valley was also interested in being a participant in Egypt's North Coast program as it generates new jobs and raises the coastal villages.

In several governorate areas, such as New Cairo, 6 October, North Upper Egypt, central delta, and coastal governorates, the Company wants to invest in a number of new projects as well as in the construction of an integrated industrial metropolis.



186 acres.



  • All units overlook the landscapes and swimming pools.
  • It has a simple highly effective road network as it works for easy access to all units, as well as access to the walkway of services and emergencies.
  • Its streets width is up to 40 meters.
  • It has a carefully planned pedestrian network.
  • There is parking for all units, private parking for the clubhouse, other parking for the beach, and it also has small parking spaces for peak-time.
  • There are areas of activities with a number of creative activities and some entertainment areas of seating areas, food carts and a graffiti yard (Graffiti), a number of water games, and a skating area.
  • Comprehensive Spa.
  • Beach cabins.
  • 3 Crystal Lagoons.
  • Restaurants and Cafes area.
  • Games area on the beach
  • Outdoor Gym.
  • 24/7 security and surveillance cameras.


  • White Sands Village is located on Kilo 75 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, directly connected to Wadi El Natrun road, 15 minutes from Marina Resort, next to Marseilia Beach 1, and it is located next to Dimora.


Payment facilities:

  • You can book your unit in White Sand village at very competitive prices so that the price per meter starts at 13,000 EGP.
  • The lowest price per unit is 702,000 EGP, chalet booking starts at 20,000 EGP, and villa starts at 40,000 EGP.
  • It also offers a payment system of 5% downpayment and installment up to 8 years.



  • It is built on 186 acres where the project is a kilo wide, and the length of the beach is up to 750 meters. The project's green spaces are about 82% of the total area of the project, and the rest is for construction, buildings, and basic services.
  • It provides a variety of units, including cabins, studios, chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas with a variety of spaces ranging from 54 m² up to 347 m².






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